Senior Management

  • Nabil Tayseer Mustafa Al Ashoury

    Chairman, Al Ashoury Group of Companies

Nabil Al Ashoury is the Owner and Founder of Al Ashoury Group of Companies. He founded “Al Ashoury Factory for Cable Supports & Building Accessories” in 1990 that was soon followed by establishment of other sister companies like Al Ashoury For Glass (in the year 1990), Al Ashoury For Metal & Accessories (in the year 1998), Al Ashoury Industry for Promotion & Display (in the year 2000), Al Ashoury For Power Telecom & Steel Industry (in the year 2003), D CONCEPT - a Modern Exhibition Arts Concept Company (in 2007), The Arabian Company for Glass Forming & Decoration (in 2009), and Fabrication & Galvanizing Technologies GALVATEC (in the year 2009). Besides his career in Medical field, he got diploma in Administration from the UK.

  • Eid Tayseer Al Ashoury

    CEO & DGM

Eid Al Ashoury is the CEO and Deputy General Manager at Al Ashoury Group of Companies. He is responsible for managing all major Operations, Production Consulting and Management. He has graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University in the year 1984. After working with Wirtgen Group Technology (Libya) for two years, he joined Al Ashoury Industry in 1998.

  • Ashraf Nabil Al Ashoury

    Director / Partner

Ashraf Al Ashoury is the Deputy Executive Manager at Al Ashoury Group of Companies. He has studied Business Administration at New York Institute of Technology, Amman, Jordan and graduated in the year 2007. Thereafter, he joined family business in 2008. He also acquired his PMP from the American university in Cairo in 2008.